Survey Forms Data Entry (Hard Copy / Scanned PDF or Image Files)

Survey is the process to gather the information and on the basis of answer of survey evaluate some sort of analysis and results. There are various kind of surveys like as quantitative research, geography, earth sciences, construction and mining, astronomy, product survey, service survey, health and medical surveys etc.

In survey the mode of data collection may be different like as questionnaire forms, telephone, email, online surveys, personal in-home surveys, personal mall or street intercept survey etc. That’s only the reason form data entry come place into the industry.

Survey Forms Data Entry Pricing:
- Survey Forms Data Entry – 2 to 4 USD/Hrs.

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We can process following activities with forms.
- Survey form scanning.
- Survey form data capture.
- Survey form to excel data entry.
- Survey form data entry into online software.

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