OCR Cleansing Services (PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG)

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Input Sources:
Hardcopy, PDF, Images (jpeg, gif, tiff, png)

Output Format:
Excel, CSV, MySql, Access

Source files may be anything like as scanned documents, pdf, jpg, gif, bmp, png and other image files, we can deliver accurate and correct result in excel, csv, mysql formats. We have latest software’s and experienced staff to process input files and process them and convert in digital formats.

You can hire us on monthly basis as well as hourly basis. We are ready to work on monthly contract basis. Try with our monthly contract offer to save your processing charges. We are not limited to any specific industry, we worked on projects of various industries as medical, health, real estate, engineering, educational etc.of the data sources for OCR conversion can be used, including, without limitation, artwork, photographs, brochures, flyers, brochures, advertisements in the market, tax forms, resumes, salary slips and colored text. Image files are converted into searchable data types, so that you work with these data types. OCR Conversion helps companies, data from old files, address labels, books, applications and the like to read.

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