Forms Data Entry (Scanned Forms / Hardcopy)

Form Data Entry is a process to capture data of form and enter data into another desire format like as excel, csv etc. Similarly Form Processing is a process by which one can capture information entered into data fields and convert it into an electronic format.

Form Data Entry Pricing:
- Form Data Entry Services – 2 to 4 USD/Hrs.

Input Sources:
Hardcopy, Paper, PDF, Scanned Images (jpeg, gif, tiff, png)

Output Format:
Excel, CSV, MySql, Access

Most methods for forms data entry and processing are mentioned as following: Manual data entry and Automatic form input system. Automatic form input system uses various kind of text recognition methods such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Reading (OMR) for check/mark sense boxes, Bar Code Recognition (BCR) for barcodes, and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for hand print. is expert in manual data entry as well as automatic form input system data entry. Try with our form data entry services and get data converted in excel, csv, mysql and other formats.

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